Tamar Gerchuk – Brief Profile

         Born in Haifa, 1954; have engaged in artwork under the guidance of her mother (an author, painter, sculptor, and astrologist), Nechama Gerchuk, of blessed memory. Displaying in a national group exhibition, Pevsner Hall, Haifa, at age 17.

1976  -  Solo exhibition at Rotschield Hall.

1977  -  Member of Free Union of Painters, Beit Hagefen; Audit

Committee Member participation in many group       exhibitions.

1978  -  Member of National Association of Painters and

             Sculptors,  Chagall Hall exhibiting at the Young Artists

             Biennial at Haifa Museum.

1973  -  1983  :  Earning scholarships; graduated two years of  

             graphics studies at the Technion, two years of Art History

             at Haifa  University, and three years of schooling at

             ''Seminar  Hakibbutzim''  College  - ''Oranim''.  Certified

             Painting  teacher.

1985  -  A second solo exhibition at the Auditorium (a film on

             Isarel's National Television, at the art magazine).

2000  -  2005  :  Displaying in group exhibitions.

2007  -  An exhibition at Hecht Museum; a communal channel

             film Presenting the art work of Tamar and her late

             mother,  Nechama Gerchuk   (produced,  filme and

             edited by  Hana  Biro).

             June  2009  -  Illustrated Children's Stories

             September  2009 : Exhibition at Bible Museum, Tel Aviv.

2010  -  2011  :  Group exhibitions at Chagall Hall in Haifa and


2012  -  Preparing an art anthology for a solo exhibition

              recapitulating 40 years of creation.


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